One of our absolute favourite contestants on Canada’s Smartest Person, Vanessa won the audience over by showing us all that being intelligent doesn’t always look the way we expect it to.
— Producer, CBC
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Motivational Mathing (and other things)!

While Vanessa founded The Math Guru to change the world one student at a time, her ultimate dream is to change the culture surrounding EVERY aspect of education - for everyone! What does that even mean?

It means that she wants to share HER brand of education, with YOU. Whether you’re a kid, teenager, student, educator, parent, entrepreneur, or just someone who wants to feel empowered to make ANY dream a reality, Vanessa’s your girl.

We’ve been talking about education, empowerment, and entrepreneurship forever. It’s time to talk about those things in a groundbreaking, exciting, innovative way! That’s what makes Vanessa one of the most sought after speakers, that’s what makes her different, that’s what makes her someone who changes perspectives, and ultimately, lives!

Entertaining, intelligent, and often hilarious, Vanessa brings a powerful voice to groundbreaking conversations surrounding our kids, their education, and above all - our future.
— Morgan W., Education Expert + Motivational Speaker

previous speaking engagements & Published work

upcoming Speaking Engagements (HIGHLIGHTS)

Panel Moderator: STEM Careers for Women of The Future October 17 2019 (Ontario Tech University, ON)

#YOLO: Becoming the Triple Threat You Were Born to Be October 24 2019 (Whitby Public Library, ON)

Math in Motion, Girls in Gear November 23 2019 (Toronto, ON)

Previous Speaking Engagements (HIGHLIGHTS)

Webinar: Math Anxiety (free!) September 18 2019 9:30-10:30pm EST (Online, click to register!)

Talking to Teacher Candidates About Math Anxiety September 23 2019 1:00-3:00 (York University, Glendon Campus)

The Power of Your Story: Celebrating Millennial Entrepreneurs July 24 2019 (Toronto, ON)

Parents & Math Anxiety Night May 30 2019 (Ledbury Public School, Toronto, ON)

Parents & Math Anxiety Night May 14 2019 (Eglinton Public School, Toronto, ON)

Imagining a World Where Kim Kardashian Loves Math May 7 (Trafalgar Castle School, ON)

Anomaly Creative Series: The Unreasonable April 25 (Toronto, ON)

Think About Math April 12 2019 (University of Waterloo, ON)

Think About Math April 6 2019 (Toronto, ON)

Discovering Math Superpowers @ STEAM Night April 11 2019 (Pierre Berton PS, ON)

Scientista March 24 2019 (University of Toronto, ON)

STEM Night for Kids & Parents March 26 2019 (Fern Public School, Toronto, ON)

Talking to Kids About Math Anxiety! February 26 2019 (John Ross Robertson Public School, Toronto, ON)

Connect Women March 5 2019 (Whitby Chamber of Commerce, ON)

Metamorphosis March 8 2019 (John Polyani Public School, Toronto, ON)

Durham District School Board 2019 (Oshawa, ON)

MBA Series: Personal Branding 2019 (Schulich School of Business, York University, ON)

Anomaly Ad Agency 2018 (Toronto, ON)

STEM beyond High School 2018 (Toronto, ON)

Toronto Public Library Teacher Series 2018 (Toronto, ON)

Math in Motion, Girls in Gear 2017, 2018 (Toronto, ON)

Fields Institute 2018 (University of Toronto ON)

CCUWIP 2018 (Queens University, ON)

Metamorphosis 2018 (Toronto, ON)

Think About Math 2013-2018 (University of Waterloo, ON)

Gender Stereotypes in Engineering 2017 (University of Toronto, ON)

COSSOT STEMinism 2017 (Toronto private schools, ON)

Girls in STEM 2017 (University of Toronto, ON)

Glenforest STEM Conference (Toronto, ON)

Ryerson University 2017 (Toronto, ON)

Ontario Association of Math Educators 2013-2016 (Various locations, ON)

STEMCON 2016 (Ohio, USA)

Virginia Mathematics Teacher (journal) 2016 (Virginia, US)

Ontario Association of Math Educators 2012-2016 (ON)

LEAP Conference 2016 (McMaster University, ON)

Engineering Outreach Conference 2016 (York University, ON)

Parent STEM Conference 2015 (Toronto, ON)


For non-academic published work like articles, blog posts, and editorials, please check out our press page!

Math Hacks 2018 (Scholastic INC, Canada)

Discourse, Power, Resistance 2012 & 2013 (University of Greenwich, UK)

Power and Education (journal) 2012 (UK)

Fields Institute 2011, 2018 (University of Toronto, ON)


What can you expect when you book Vanessa to speak at your next event? Eye opening ideas that present in both lecture and interactive form. Here are some of the topics Vanessa can speak on - she's super fun and makes every presentation entertaining, engaging, and kind if hilarious!

Imagining a World Where Kim Kardashian Loves Math
Have you ever seen a movie where the cool, popular cheerleader loves math? Neither has Vanessa! Totally groundbreaking, entertaining, and thought provoking, this presentation explores how media-induced stereotypes bully girls (and often boys!) into feeling like being good at math threatens their cool factor. While teaching audiences to be critical of the messaging we receive about what it means to be smart (or not!), this presentation empowers audiences to take a stand and make real, meaningful change to the media they consume. (Hands on workshop version available!)

Engaging Kids & Teens in Mathematics (Actually!)
Why are kids not engaged? What can we as parents, teachers, and humans do to reframe math for teenage minds? How can classroom teaching be better? How can we make math relevant to teenage lives? Most importantly, how can we help ALL kids (and adults!) see themselves as mathematicians?

Parent SOS!
Dear stressed out parents: Does your kid’s Grade 4 math homework look more confusing than like, the flight path to SPACE?! Are you feeling totally hopeless when it comes to helping your child get over their crippling math/test/general anxiety? Are you feeling like you need a pep talk (or bottle of vodka) this second or ELSE!? Vanessa’s got the coping strategies and inspiring words that you need! Don’t worry, you’ve got this - everything’s going to be okay!

Stop Freaking Out: Getting a Grip on Educational Anxiety!
Having failed math twice and having dealt with math anxiety herself, Vanessa has incorporated lessons from mindfulness and anxiety management into her own teaching. She believes that becoming a successful and happy student has less to do with curriculum content than it does with the development of strategies and skills that allow one to fail gracefully, succeed proudly, and effectively manage and thrive in the in-betweens.

Growth Mindset/Making Failure Your BFF
Vanessa believes that failing Grade 11 math twice was the best thing that ever happened to her and wants to show kids, parents, and teachers why failure should be everyone’s new favourite f-word!

Girls & STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
The underrepresentation of women in STEM is a serious issue, especially given the fact that our world is becoming increasingly technological and math-based. Why aren't women engaged in STEM? Why do women choose not to pursue STEM fields even when they're proven to have it takes? Why do many women leave STEM fields due to a sense of non-belonging?

Innovative Entrepreneur Stuff
Vanessa is not only an entrepreneur but a brand leader. She started The Math Guru 7 years ago, and invented a totally new approach to math and science education. In 2018 she opened North America's first pop-up study lounge, X∆M Study Lounge, changing the culture surrounding studying, exams and education in Toronto. She has a LOT to say surrounding being a female entrepreneur, being an innovator in the field of education, and being a leader in an otherwise saturated field.

The Art of Grit and Hustle
Coming from a place of failure has its perks! Vanessa can teach absolutely anyone how make their dreams a reality by turning their weaknesses into their greatest strengths. All it takes is grit and hustle, and everyone has those two secret superpowers - we all just need to learn how to use them to our advantage!