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The Math Guru has totally changed me! I never thought I could actually LIKE math and science, or like, go into a test without freaking out. Eternally grateful for the confidence you guys have helped me build. THANK YOU!!!
— A very, very happy student

A Note From Our Founder:

Let’s be honest: sometimes math and science can be scary. And stressful. And boring. And tear-inducing.

I get it - because I used to be a math hater. Now, thanks to some amazing teachers and life-changing learning environments, I am a math lover, a math teacher, an author (of a math book!), and the founder of the most unique and effective learning space in the country!

Anyone can do well at math and science. Students simply need a teacher who can communicate with them in a language that they understand; a teacher who can get them excited about learning and understanding; a teacher that can inspire them to build the confidence they need to finally understand that they've got what it takes to GET IT! 

It is my belief that “Math People” do not exist; Good teachers, however, do. And we’ve got those.

xoxo, vanessa (aka the original math guru)

Our Philosophy

Can we let you in on a little secret? There’s no such thing as a “math person.” “Math people” don’t exist. But good teachers do. And we have those. See, being good at math and science is about SO much more than mastering curriculum content - it’s about tapping into each student’s needs, and finding a way to make math and science make sense - to THEM. Our number one goal is to teach you concepts in a way that YOU totally understand, and we believe in using a holistic approach that includes managing anxiety, boosting confidence, developing study habits, building work ethic, finding inner motivation, and totally transforming attitudes - because all that stuff ultimately leads to better grades and a better YOU! At The Math guru, we don't just teach - we inspire kids to want to do better and to want to try harder.
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Our Tutors (are different!)

We get it. Tutoring can totally suck if you're with the wrong person. That's why we make it our mission to match you with the PERFECT tutor for YOUR learning style. All of our tutors are young, fun, patient, kind, smart, and above all, inspiring!
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Our Programs

Our most popular offering is one on one private tutoring and our rate is $75/hour. We tutor EVERY type of math & science taught from kindergarten through Grade 12 (and we also tutor some university courses!). We have 9 years of experience with different learning styles - from gifted students to those with learning disabilities to everyone in between, we have tutors for all styles and ages! We offer flexible hours and are open every single day of the week. Want to do a full course credit? Throw a math party? Learn math as an adult? Study for a test or exam? Learn math with your bff? Check out our full list of programs to find something that fits your vibe!
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Our (Super Chill) Space

We have a theory that everywhere that math is traditionally learned…smells gross. Is that weird? Think about it - it’s true! We think that one of the most important things about learning, is loving your learning environment. That’s why our tutoring studio is designed to make you comfortable, relaxed, and well, just happy to be here. Think coffee-shop-meets-yoga-studio-meets-your-best-friend’s-house. That’s our vibe, and guys - we use all-natural Saje diffusers with scents proven to improve focus and energy - so it smells reallllly good here! Oh, and every tutoring session comes with a yummy tea latte - because, obviously.

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