Our Story

Once upon a time... 

The Math Guru was founded in 2010 by Vanessa Vakharia, a certified high school math teacher with a Masters in Mathematics Education.

Vanessa used to hate hate math. In fact, she failed grade 11 math twice (twice!) and decided she was simply not a “math person.” Then she changed schools. She decided to brave another math course with an open mind. This is when she realized: There is no such thing as a “math person.”

we can help you learn to love math and science

Anybody can become a math genius. The problem is that math, like any other subject, needs to be taught in a manner specific to each individual’s needs. Every student has a different way of processing information and understanding concepts. The most important thing is being able to intuitively know how some one’s mind works and how to make mathematical concepts fit into that model. The problem is that in a classroom setting, there is simply a lack of opportunity for every student to receive math instruction that is specific to their individual needs. Many students end up discouraged, thinking that just because they don’t understand ONE teacher’s method of teaching, they are simply not a “math person." 

Another major factor in deciphering math is having the tools to do so.  Barely passing a math course one year and then taking a subsequent one the next, is an all too familiar occurrence. Math works in stages: you learn concepts and apply them to problems. When you move on to a new math course, it is presumed that you already KNOW everything that was taught in its pre-requisite and that you are ready to build on that knowledge. With a shaky foundation, how much can you really build?

our secret recipe

It is very easy for students to get entirely overwhelmed by math and give up. This does NOT need to happen. Students must simply:

a) have concepts explained to them in a manner that THEY relate to

b) stay on track by making sure that their knowledge base is always stable

c) develop confidence by finally understanding that they are just as capable as anyone else on this planet

d) get excited about doing what it takes to make a), b) and c) happen


After failing grade 11 math twice, Vanessa decided to look at math from a different perspective. Her success inspired her to encourage other people to do the same. She discovered that “math people” do not exist: good teachers, however, do.

So? She founded The Math Guru and decided to make it her mission to provide a space for students to look at math & science from a different perspective, and to approach all areas of education and knowledge from a different perspective. 

Now here we are - a group of people with different areas of educational expertise who specialize in math & science education-  a group of people who just love love LOVE to teach, learn, and inspire!