The Math Guru has totally changed me! I never thought I could actually LIKE math and science, or like, go into a test without freaking out. Eternally grateful for the confidence you guys have helped me build. THANK YOU!!!
— A very, very happy student

Welcome to
The Math Guru

a boutique math & science tutoring studio in uptown toronto


Let’s be honest: sometimes math and science can be scary. And stressful. And boring. And tear-inducing.

We know because our founder, Vanessa, used to be a math hater. Now, thanks to some amazing teachers and life-changing learning environments, she's a math lover, a math teacher, and the founder of the most unique and effective learning space in the country!

Anyone can do well at math and science. Students simply need a teacher who can communicate with them in a language that they understand; a teacher who can get them excited about learning and understanding; a teacher that can inspire them to build the confidence they need to finally understand that they've got what it takes to GET IT! 

It is our belief that “Math People” do not exist; Good teachers, however, do. And we’ve got those.

My daughter came home with excitement and hope in her heart for the first time in a while. I have never heard her talk about math this way before, ever. Thank you.
— Another very, very happy parent


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