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We would be nothing without our students, their parents, and the amazing teachers who love, support and encourage us. Thank you for your kind words - they make the long hours, sleepless nights, and everything else worth it! We love you guys!

Lisa, sarah's MOM (GRADE 9)

She loved it. She said she learned more in 2 hours than she has in 21/2 months of school. She was surprised how fast the time went. Thanks so much!!!



We really appreciate all that you and the tutors do for our family at The Guru. You have something special going on at your shop and it amazes me that you are the only tutoring company in the city that focus on building confidence in tandem with Math and science skills. You make it fun and cool and our kids love going to math tutoring!


julie, finn's mom (GRADE 4)

Car ride TO The Math Guru: I really don't like math. I really don't like math.

Car ride FROM The Math Guru: I really like math. I am excited about math. It was really fun! 

He LOVED it! 



Hi guys!!!! Just after graduating, just wanted to thank you and the entire TMG team for all your support these past four years. I totally wouldn't have been able to get where I got without you! Through your "you owe me a dollar every negative comment" little game, I learned to gain confidence and not second guess myself. I learned how I properly study and learn best. And I actually learned to love learning. Without you pushing me to stay in sciences and convincing me that I could do it, I wouldn't be in nutrition, and you showed me that if I try that I can somehow be a 90s student in math. Overall I learned SOO much at TMG and I owe it ALL to you. Thanks so so much and I'm gonna miss you SOO much Love you more than you know ❤️❤️❤️ 

Leanne, Kate's mom (Grade 6)

Kate had a great time! She was a little nervous but as usual had an amazing time!  She was talking afterwards about how lucky she is because all of her friends that have math help can't stand going and she loves it! Kate  loved the experience there, learned a ton,  and I think most importantly started to feel like math is pretty cool! 

Lori, Gillian's mom (Grade 12)

Thanks to you and your staff for getting Gillian through this year! We have used other tutors in the past and you are the first tutoring service we have used where we actually saw positive results. I know that Gillian has loved working with everyone there and received a lot of support. Most importantly, she LEARNED this stuff! Whatever approach you use, it really works. I really appreciate the juggling you’ve done over the last couple of years to always accommodate her last minute need for additional sessions as well. Cannot thank you enough! 

Rachel, Meg's mom (Grade 7) 

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I was so impressed because my daughter is really working on breaking out of her shyness shell and the environment you've created immediately put her at ease.  She was really happy with the work she did with Sophia and I know her confidence will grow. 


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RAE, student (grade 11)

I just want you to know that I came in for help with a test and assignment and got an 89% and a 94% - thank you so so much!

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margaret, warren's mom (GRADE 11)

Hi guys! Thank you again for all the support this past year. Warren's math and science grades are 90 and 95 at this point and he loves both subjects. He is still doing all the work but doesn't need to stress if he doesn't catch on in class right away as he knows he will be able to ask all his questions with the tutor! So, that's my endorsement of the day!


Patsy, lindsay's mom Grade 5

She LOVED it!
Holy cow.
It was so nice to see her excited. She showed me her math homework that she bedazzled! I think that was the best part of the session:) She said she finally how to do long division-so that's a plus! Thank you SO MUCH! 


It was great!  A really positive experience for Sammy even though she did not know a lot of the material.  She said that “it was really fun”!  The first time I have EVER heard her talk about math like that! Thank you SO much!


TMG has changed us!!  my girls believe they can go into sciences. This was never ever in the realm of possibilities before. I am eternally grateful for the confidence they have built. 

Thank you 

We love u

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Thank you so much for the hard work your tutors have done with Matt. Not only they teach him, but more importantly, they inspired him. His mark increased by 30% no doubt in part to his newfound confidence and motivation. Cannot thank you enough.