Welcome to The Math Guru

We Are A Boutique Math and Science Tutoring Studio In Toronto

WE help people LEARN TO LOVE MATH and science!

Our holistic approach to tutoring focuses on transforming attitude, motivation, work ethic, confidence and grades! They all go hand in hand. Here are a few fun facts:

  • We tutor every type of math & science taught from kindergarten through Grade 12 (and we also tutor some university courses!)

  • We make sure to tackle anxiety, confidence, and time management - because those make a huge difference!

  • All of our tutoring sessions take place in our Uptown Toronto studio at Yonge and Eglinton!

  • We offer flexible hours! (Monday-Friday 9:00am-10:00pm, Saturday & Sunday 9:00am-10:00pm)

  • From gifted students to those with learning disabilities and everyone in between, we welcome all!

It is our belief that “Math People” do not exist; Good teachers, however, do. And we’ve got those.
— Yours truly:)

Our tutors are different!

  • Our tutors are young, fun and inspiring!

  • Our holistic approach to tutoring focuses on transforming attitude, motivation, work ethic, confidence and grades!

  • We have a patient and dynamic approach to tutoring that ensures each student's learning style is met and catered to.

  • We don't just teach - we inspire kids to want to do better and to want to try harder.

The Math Guru has totally changed me! I never thought I could actually LIKE math and science, or like, go into a test without freaking out. Eternally grateful for the confidence you guys have helped me build. THANK YOU!!!
— A very, very happy student

Did you know that Anybody can become a math/Sci genius?

Math and science, like any other subjects, need to be taught in a manner specific to each individual’s needs. 

Every student has a different way of processing information and understanding concepts. The most important thing is being able to intuitively know how someone’s mind works and how to make mathematical concepts fit into that model. 

Unfortunately, in a classroom setting there’s simply a lack of opportunity for every student to receive math instruction that is specific to their individual needs. Many students end up discouraged, thinking that just because they don’t understand ONE teacher’s method of teaching, they are simply not a “math person." 

We don't believe that "math people” exist. We do believe, however, that good teachers do!

My daughter came home with excitement and hope in her heart for the first time in a while. I have never heard her talk about math this way before, ever. Thank you.
— A very happy parent

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