The First Pop-Up Study Lounge. Ever.

Open May 1 - June 25 2019

Join us on instagram at @xamstudylounge


Tickets go on sale April 24th 2019, pre-save the ticket link & find out more info here!


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Wait, but what even IS this place?!

It’s a study lounge! We know it’s crazy because it’s never been done before, but we think students deserve a super chill space to study in, don’t you?

How much does studying at XAM cost?

Students pay $15 for a 2.5 hour VIP Study Experience! A ticket gets you a seat at XAM, tons of perks, and unlimited tea lattes! Each 2.5 block is created by us and can be found on eventbrite at

Are study blocks always the same?

No! Study blocks are usually the same every week because we want students to have consistency, BUT we might change them week to week depending on student demand! If you want to study longer than 2.5 hours, that’s great! Simply book back to back study blocks!

What’s the deal with tickets?

Want to study at XAM? You need a ticket! There is no other way to book a study block You can book your VIP Study Experience by visiting! We have a limited number of tickets available for each VIP Study Block and you can book a spot for a specific day a week before that day! So for example, you can book your spot for Thursday May 9th as of Thursday May 2nd!


Here’s what you get when you study with us!

  • School supplies, tea lattes + water

  • Wifi + charging stations + mandatory silent mode

  • Curated study-friendly Spotify playlists

  • Comfy velvet couches + study nooks

  • Ear plugs + headphones

  • Air-purifying greenery + open space + candles

  • Collaborative whiteboards

  • Unique happy hours & breakout sessions

  • Re-charge stations featuring colouring books, soothing scents  & stress relievers

  • Workshops targeting mindfulness, anxiety management, + study strategy

  • Personalized study programs + consults

  • And most importantly, endless pep talks!

Are there tutors to help with random questions:

There aren’t! BUT our parent company is The Math Guru, and we specialize in math & science tutoring. If you’re interested in booking a tutoring session, we can totally make that happen - let’s talk about it!

When are we open?

Hours will vary weekly, but you can find our hours by going to the ticket link! That’s where we’ll post all study blocks available for the week!

What is this place CALLED?

X∆M Study Lounge – pronounced “EXAM Study Lounge” :)

The triangle in the name is so cool, what does it mean?

∆ is the symbol for delta, which means change – because we are the change we wish to see in education!

Where did all of the design/furniture come from?!

Vanessa and her awesome friends (mostly her awesome friends) did it all on their own! Thrifted furniture, re-painting stuff, lots of drills and hammers, and DIY artwork!

Who can study here?

Anyone who has something to study or homework to do!

Where can I find out more info?

We use instagram for almost everything, including giveaways, special events, and behind the scenes photos - so take a second to follow us: @xamstudylounge. you still can’t find the info you need, just email us at!