what makes him AWESOME AT HIS JOB

I enjoy learning new things! Everyday I'm looking to try something new and see where it gets me. I love taking on new challenges and taking every step as a chance to discover something I had never seen before.

fun facts

Life Goal: To own one of EVERY Lush Cosmetic products!!

Words to Live By: "Talent is given, greatness is earned" - Lebron James

Favourite Mathematical Weapon: My phone! 

get to know WES

Education: Currently studying Marketing at George Brown College! (hopefully design next year?!)

Fave Tech device: My Canon 80D with a 24mm lens!

Fave Song: This changes EVERYDAY! Probably 'Don't' by Bryson Tiller

Fave Book: Anything that can teach me something super cool and interesting!

Fave Outfit: Anything that involves a Hawaiian shirt!

Fave TV Show:  Bojack Horseman!

Fave Movie: The best Disney movie ever: The Incredibles!

When you're not tutor matchmaking: Out taking photos or wandering the city aimlessly!

What’s the best thing about you? My desire to give anything a chance! Even if I know something is going to TOTALLY suck, I'll still try it!

nerd alert! 

I spend most of my free time learning new software! If it gives me the chance to be creative, I'm gonna spend a few dozen hours messing around with it!