what makes her an awesome tutor

I truly enjoy learning and practicing math and science, and I love to spread that enjoyment to other students! I think being genuinely interested in a topic of study is a huge factor in one's success so that's a huge priority for me. I've also personally experienced struggling in math myself in University, so I can relate to how frustrated students feel when they are struggling themselves.

fun facts

Life Goal:  To have as many memorable moments with friends as I can.

Words to Live By: Be here, now

Favourite Mathematical Weapon:  Drawing out problems so they're simpler to visualize and understand.

get to know wardah

Education: Currently pursuing a HBSc with a double major in Genetics and Biology at U of T

Fave Tech device: My macbook! 

Fave Book: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Fave Song: Changes literally all the time! for now it is Repair-Last Dinosaurs

Fave Outfit: Glow in the dark NASA t-Shirt (amazing, I know), jeans, and boots

Fave TV Show: Gossip Girl

Fave Movie: Chicago

When you're not crunching numbers: Probably crunching Flaming Hot Cheetos

What's the best thing about you? My quick wit;)

nerd alert! 

I LOVE reading articles and books about physics and astronomy!