what makes her an awesome tutor

I know what it feels like to spend hours on a problem, not knowing what to do, feeling you’re too shy to ask for help so you just sit there and wait for some sort of divine intervention! I believe no one should feel like that so I do everything I can to help everyone around me to the best of my ability, even when they don’t explicitly ask for it. I also believe that everyone can do math, all they need is a person who can help them out along the way - like me! 

fun facts

Life Goal: Life goals are too big of a commitment for me but this year I just want to push my limits and see how far I can go.

Words to Live By:  What goes around, comes around so BE KIND.

Favourite Mathematical Weapon: Good old-fashioned pencil and paper.

get to know sohaira

Education:  I am currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering from The University of Toronto.

Fave Tech Advice: My phone because my entire life is on it. I think I would be lost, literally and figuratively, without it.

Fave Book:  The Da Vince Code by Dan Brown. I love it so much!

Fave Song:  Honestly, there are too many to choose from but one of my all-time favuorites is Stand By Me by Ben E. King.

Fave TV Show: Blacklist, Game of Thrones, Narcos, Brooklyn 99 are just some of them. Don’t make me choose please.

Fave Movie:  Sense and Sensibility

Fave Outfit:  Skinny jeans, t-shirt and sneakers.

When your not crunching numbers:  I am eating out.

What's The best thing about you? My friends.

nerd alert! 

I love reading about rare phenomena, be it medical conditions or astronomical events!