what makes her an awesome tutor

My patience and desire to help students understand the process and logic behind each solution will help them enjoy and excel in math and the sciences. To experience math as the language of the universe—from the seashell formation and timing of the flower’s bloom, to the changing constellations and the fixed face of the moon—will turn any mathphobe into a mathphile. My goal is to see each student exceed their expectations of themselves and gain confidence in whatever equation life throws their way.

fun facts

Life Goal: To be the best me in whatever paths and destinations life takes me to

Words to Live By: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler” – Albert Einstein

Favourite Mathematical Weapon: Past exam solutions:)

get to know Mouska

Education: I studied zoology and animal physiology during my undergraduate and currently I’m wrapping up my master of science. I study how the turtle brain can cope without oxygen.

Fave Tech device: Microscope and telescope!

Fave Book: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Fave Song: Speak by Pink Floyd

Fave Outfit: There are only two fashion seasons; one for a classic black turtleneck and the other for a buttoned white shirt.

Fave TV Show: House of Cards

Fave Movie: Pulp Fiction

When you're not crunching numbers: Exploring the planet, painting the sights I’ve seen and yet to see, and catching up on my reading list

What's the best thing about you? My sense of humour–which can also be my worst trait depending on who you ask!

nerd alert! 

I am in infinite awe at the objectivity of the laws of nature and how our deeply subjective perception of it is driven by these same objective laws. This very simple yet perplexingly complex fact of life drives my passion for reconciling art, science and philosophy.