what makes him an awesome tutor

I am very articulate and make things clear very fast. 

fun facts

Life Goal: Write a research paper that influences my field. Or have a classic book collection.

Words to Live By: Practice makes perfect.

Favourite Mathematical Weapon: Either the fundamental theorem of calculus (FTC) or the quadratic formula (super useful in unexpected ways).

get to know Marco

Education: I'm in my third year at UofT studying physics and mathematics.

Fave Tech device: Anything that can run Desmos.

Fave Book: L'Étranger by Albert Camus, Republic by Plato, Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut

Fave Song: I have a lot... Some of them are: Respiration- Black Star, Letters From Yokosuka- Nujabes, Folsom Prison Blues- Johnny Cash, あなたには-BASI

Fave Outfit: Black jeans, white t shirt and dirty white vans

Fave TV Show: Breaking bad (it got me a 90 in chem)

Fave Movie: The godfather trilogy or The spiderman movies from the early 2000s

When you're not crunching numbers: I'm always crunching numbers lol. You can probably find me playing at soccer fields around the GTA but trust me I'm always doing math.

What's the best thing about you? It's easy to make me laugh!

nerd alert! 

I only play 1 video game--Super Smash Bros Melee. I read old math and physics textbooks for fun (I always have at least 1 on me). My favourite movie genre is documentary.