what makes her an awesome tutor

I don’t believe in long, hard and painful hours of studying. I believe in studying smart! Like finding the best ways to approach a problem and things to go over to get ideas on solving it. So no more staring at the wall or checking your phone ten times per second cause there are smarter ways!

fun facts

Life Goal: Be successful in my field, but also have a charity that improves Africa’s agriculture and publish a book. Also, BE HAPPY!

Words to Live By: “Smile you’re on life’s camera.”

Favourite Mathematical Weapon: Differential Equations. You can model anything with them.

get to know Mahshad

Education: I am a second year engineering student at University of Toronto

Fave Tech device: My phone!

Fave Book: Her Eyes, by Bozorg Alavi!

Fave Song: Can’t pick one, depends on my mood.

Fave Outfit: A summer dress. Cause that means it’s summer!

Fave TV Show: Friends, duh! But also Suits and Killing Eve.

Fave Movie: Catch Me If You Can, Airplane, A Beautiful Mind

When you're not crunching numbers:  I’m either playing or watching Basketball. Love the sport!

What's the best thing about you? I don’t run out of energy. Literally contradicting law of conservation of energy everyday!

nerd alert! 

I actually enjoy writing and knowing about literature & art history!