what makes heR AWESOME AT HER JOB

I love finding the EXHALE in a moment/situation that may seem chaotic, in order to find the elevation.  What does that means?!  Connection is key.  I try to connect people together who can grow and inspire each other no matter what the situation.  We all learn from each other, in order to ELEVATE ourselves. Once we’re comfortable with ourselves physically, intellectually and energetically, there’s nothing sweeter than that feeling like you can finally release into the deepest exhale and enjoy this party we call life!  I’m a seeker of true joy and get my greatest joy from seeing that joyous light shine in others!

fun facts

Life Goal: To stay connected to what matters and not let distractions lead me away from what’s important…then achieve world peace ;)

Words to Live By: "I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. - Dr Maya Angelou

Favourite Mathematical Weapon: My iPhone calculator + Siri! 

get to know LIZ

Education: I got my BFA at Concordia University in Montreal for Contemporary Dance then continued studying at The Ailey School in New York and got my Horton Pedagogy certification. A few more certifications and teacher trainings later…now I’m a movement artist, yogi and fitness educator!

Fave Tech device:  Umm, Google Home (speaker device) + iPhone - HANDS DOWN!…though I have a hard time putting my hands down with my phone nearby!

Fave Book: Depends on so many factors!!  Ok… I’ll have to say “Love You Forever” as it’s the first book I read from start to finish by myself in life!  No one ever talks about their firsts anymore, lol.

Fave Song: I mean really…how can I limit!  I’ll give examples; “Blowback” by Galimatias when exhaling with a cup of matcha. “Run the World” by Beyonce when I need a reminder to elevate!

Fave Outfit:  The one I wore this morning.  Pure random creativity at work.

Fave TV Show: Scandal!  Insecure! Game of Thrones!

Fave Movie: “Pride & Prejudice” (2005 version), “Shawshank Redemption" and any movie with a surprise ending, I’m talking “Sixth Sense” - style! No spoilers here.

When you're not tutor matchmaking: I’m on my yoga mat …or my phone.  It’s a life struggle.

What's the best thing about you? At any given moment, I always have a song playing in my mind.  Honestly, ask me next time I see you.  You would think I would go insane but music is often where my joy comes from.  There’s a song for any and every emotion. 

nerd alert! 

I clean/organize when I’m stressed.  Cleansing the external brings order to the internal for me.  I find scrubbing very meditative.  

I’m a Trekkie, not a fan of the original.  My love started with TNG and yes I’m watching Discovery now and I still try to fit star trek vocab/lingo in my everyday life.