Worth A Thousand Words

Okay okay, so not only are pictures worth a thousand words, but let's face it - for those visual learners out there, sometimes pictures make math a thousand times easier than your math teacher does! Last week I was on Global, talking about how to get yourself into back to school mode. Yep, I know - such a celeb! Vanessa Vakharia, owner/founder of The Math Guru Math & Science Tutoring Studio

One of the things I mentioned was that the hardest thing to do after two months of soaking in sun, is to simply get back into the ZONE! Let's face it - sadly we haven't all been using math in every day summer-life (even though we SHOULD be), and as a result our brains are a bit math-mushy. So fine, maybe dusting off last year's math textbook isn't exactly what you want to do on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, but perhaps checking out some super awesome inspiration math gifs and videos is exactly what you DO want to do (read: SHOULD do)!

Starting to train your brain to think mathematically goes a long way - think of your brain as a muscle! Pumping iron does more than just get you shredded. It sets the foundation so that when you need to randomly lift something heavy, you're armed and ready to do just that! The same goes for getting your brain math-pumped! Getting your brain used to looking at the world through math-coloured lenses enables you to employ problem solving skills when you least expect to need to - like in EVERY DAY LIFE!

We get that you might not be ready to scour your textbook pages right now - so sit back, relax, and let the pictures do the talking while your brain does the learning!

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