5 Awesome Gifts for the Math and Science Lover in Your Life!


The holiday season is officially here and we could NOT be more excited about it. At TMG we go ALL OUT for the holidays. Right now our tutoring spaces are covered in beautiful lights and candles that smell like candy canes and gingerbread and learning and math. Sort of. The “24 days of TMG” (an advent-calendar of brain-teasers and math and science related problems) is in full-swing and the overwhelming response is a sure sign that people SECRETLY love math:) Our space is SO incredibly decked out that it feels as though we're basically in the North Pole. And it's freezing outside, so that helps. For me, gift-giving is so much fun because I LOVE giving someone the perfect gift!  For others, though, I understand that gift-giving can be stressful because oftentimes it's difficult to figure out what someone wants. If you’re having trouble thinking about what to get that math and science loving person for the holidays, look no further! We said we were pumped about the holidays and we mean it. We want to help YOU find the BEST, COOLEST and CUTEST gifts for that math and science loving someone. And so, we're pumped to present....5 Awesome Gifts for Math and Science Lovers!

  1. The Perfect Mug

Who wouldn’t want to drink their coffee out of a mug that displays its chemical properties? While getting your daily dose of caffeine, study this super cute mug and learn all about caffeine’s chemical molecule. This mug is a great gift for a coffee-addicted, anecdote-loving individual.

  1. The Science of Spice

Spice up someone’s kitchen with this super-cool spice rack. By turning cooking into a mad science experiment, this gift can totally be the perfect laboratory for the person who loves cooking AND science.

  1. This Totally Adorable Tote

The cuteness of this tote is just CRAZY. An adorable image of an angle, coupled with a stellar pun, makes this tote a great buy for anyone who loves a good math pun.

  1. The Cutest Curtain

Have I mentioned that we LOVE puns at TMG? Well, we do. We love them A LOT. Perfect for your special someone, this shower curtain adorably displays your affection for your perfect ten.

  1. The Sassiest T

Perfect for the math genius know-it-all, this t-shirt says it all. Andddd...also perfect for the person who needs a little self-esteem boost, this t-shirt is a great test-taking good-luck charm.

6. Bonus bonus bonus

Okay so we said this was our Top 5, but there's a sixth! We've JUST opened up our TMG Gift Shop! The perfect one stop holiday shop, we've got cozy sweats and cute totes, but best of all...math-inspired chokers and necklaces

TMG Gift Shop

Back to School - The IT List

If you tuned into our last blog post, you’ll have seen that we provided you with style inspo courtesy of our fave fictional characters. So this week, we thought we’d bring things back to IRL and give you some must-have Back-to-School items you can actually get your hands on. il_570xn-1073516593_4vhm

Backpack Pins

Want to give your backpack or pencil case a little boost? Add some decorative pins! There are literally endless options of cute pins on (just search “Backpack Pins”) but we love these ones with one of our fave slogans “You Do You”! If you’re feeling a little craftier, you could also buy badges and sew them onto your backpacks.


Fun Laptop Cases

For all our students who carry laptops from class to class, we LOVE these laptop cases from . They’ve got you covered for every personality, from wacky animal memes, to more simple and sweet designs. If you're into something a little simpler, Herschel sells less embellished cases in variety of colours. Find one that suits you, and keep your laptop safe and stylish!


Sleek Water Bottles

Who knew a water bottle could ever be sexy? You might have noticed that S’Well bottles were popping up everywhere this summer, and we can see why! These stainless steel bottles can keep your drinks both hot and cold, and come in tons of different colours and patterns. You all know how important hydration is to keep your brain sharp, so having a water bottle on hand will keep you sipping away all day.


Academic Agenda

This one’s kind of obvious, but if you don’t already have one then definitely go out and grab it. Agendas/Planners/Calendars are SUPER useful in keeping tracks of all your projects, tests and assignments. We know the ones the schools give out can sometimes be a little drab, so maybe invest in a different one if you think it will motivate you to use it more!


Yummy “Fall” Tea

We don’t want you going broke on Pumpkin Spice Lattes, so we think a delicious tea is the perfect alternative. Buy this box of Tazo Chai Pumpkin Spice tea from Starbucks to get you excited for fall, and back into positive study habits!