5 Super Cool Careers That Use Math!

Don’t drop math. Just don’t do it. Sure, you might think that the education that you are getting from math class is “useless” or “irrelevant”, that it contains few if any “real world” applications. I get it. I’ve been there. When I was in grade 11, I wanted to drop math after failing my grade 11 course TWICE. Today, I am so thankful that I decided NOTto drop this subject. Not only have I found and continue to find real life applications of math but, my life IS math. Because I decided NOT to give up math and persevere, I have had the honour and privilege of creating The Math Guru and making math my profession. But more than that, I've had the amazing feeling that comes with realizing that there is beauty in everything - if you look hard enough to find it. In this week’s blog post I am going to share with you a list of professions that require math. My hope in showing you this list is to encourage you to keep an open mind when it comes to the pursuit of math outside of the classroom, to realize that math is not “useless” or “irrelevant”, and to demonstrate that it does have many “real world” applications in a multitude of careers that you did not even THINK about! So, presenting to you on TMG’s blog: “Cool Careers That Use Math!”

  1. Animator

I know that I definitely wouldn’t think about math while being moved to tears by Boo in Monsters Inc. But apparently, trigonometry (those trig equations and sine graphs that you all LOVE), help rotate and move characters, while algebra (think polynomials), create the special effects that make images shine. Looks like math is still unexpectedly involved in artistic professions - wooooo!



2. Urban Planner 

Have you noticed the spiffy new bike lanes running along Bloor St? Well, they probably exist thanks to the hard work of an urban planner.  Urban planners are responsible for developing both long and short-term plans for the use of land in urban, suburban, and rural communities. The ability to arrange the appearance and create the functionality of towns and cities requires all sorts of mathematics – from calculus, to geometry, to statistics - urban planners use it all!



3. Fashion Designer 

While gawking at all of the crazy totally impractical mist-haves on the latest runway, you totally can't help but wonder "HOW DID SOMEONE THINK OF THAT?!" But while you are busy ogling over the latest Vuitton piece, think for a second about the math that went into creating that specific garment. From area and perimeter, to diameter and algorithms, these equations are ALL used to create designs and calculate the cost of fabric. If you want to talk next level, Shenova has actually come up with a STEM fashion line - it's amazing you HAVE to check it out!



4. Sports Announcer 

To completely understand certain sports, statistics and percentages are often calculated to provide information regarding a player’s batting average and how many bases he’s stolen. So, if you want to get into sports media, it’s best to know and understand the mathematics associated with sports in order to provide accurate and useful information to sports fans!


5. Professional Photographer 

When we think of photos and their photographers, we often don’t think of math. However, the process of creating the perfect photograph requires many mathematical calculations to take place; photographers need to calculate depth of field, determine the correct film speed, shutter speed, aperture, and exposure—and all in a matter of minutes. Crazy to think about how much math goes into the creation of just ONE photograph! You know what they say...a picture's worth a thousand...math equations?! Okay not that funny, but sort of.

Photo  by  Dentably

Photo by Dentably

So, next time you think it’s OK to tune out in math class, or you consider dropping the class because the work you're doing is “useless” or “irrelevant”, think again! The math you're learning could be a prerequisite to an incredible career that you have always dreamed of! So dream big kids - and stay in school (math class)!