Summer Vacation Math!

So you’ve got a TOTALLY awesome vacation coming up! You’re gonna visit some cool sights, try some new food and relax on gorgeous coasts OR none of that at all, it’s YOUR vacation, make it what you want! That all sounds really nice right?! BUT WAIT! Obviously you didn’t forget that everything that goes into planning a super awesome trip involves math, did you? OF COURSE YOU NOT! So we’ll help you out with planning your much deserved vacay with the power of MATH!


The Plan!

Planning your trip is THE most important step! How are you going to know what you plan on doing, if you don’t plan it? That’s just Logic 101! Before you can do ANYTHING you have to know who’s coming, how you’re going to get there and what you’re even going to do when you get there… You should probably also figure out WHERE you’re even going… That might be important too. “So what kind of Math will you need in planning?” , you might be asking yourself. ALL KINDS! You’ll need to tally up votes based on where everyone wants to visit, calculate probability for your destination’s weather conditions and even budget if any of it is realistic or even affordable – because what’s the point of a totally awesome vacation if 100% of your budget goes to just flying there?!

 The Departure!

This is where things get a LITTLE hectic… The two Math related topics you’ll be dealing with here will be time management and probability. Let’s start with time management! You wake up in the morning bright and early at 7:00AM! Awesome right? Except your flight leaves at 9:00AM.. Time to kick those time management skills into gear and high tail it to the airport! You’ll need to figure out how quick you can get an Uber to come pick you up while you pack your bags (since you waited until now) and still have enough time to pick up your MUCH needed coffee and make it through airport security. No biggie! But where does probability play a role here? Well, what’s the probability that you PROBABLY left your phone charger at home? It most likely feels like a 100% chance now! BON VOYAGE!

The Vacay!

 So NOOOOW you’ve finally arrived to your destination! Let the TOTALLY AWESOME VACATION begin! You now must be thinking to yourself “please tell me there’s no more freakin’ math to do…” BUT there is ALWAYS math to be done! Now is when real-time budgeting becomes critical! This will help make sure that you do everything you dreamed of on your vacation – rather than blowing the ENTIRE budget on airport snacks… before you even got on your departing flight…

The Return!

Don’t panic. But you’re late for your flight again… Now is when you become an absolute problem solving genius, solving approximately 90 problems per second. Packing your luggage becomes very similar to a Master level of Tetris because APPARENTLY nothing seems to fit in your bag anymore even though you could have sworn it did before! Your return will challenge all your real-world problem solving skills (you may even catch yourself busting out the quadratic formula for no good reason). But in the end, with all the proper budgeting throughout the trip, you’ll be able to get yourself the big Toblerone from duty-free! You’ve earned it!