Back to School: Best Practices!

Guess what? THAT’S RIGHT! School is back in full swing and we’re all struggling with serious adjustments to our chill summer schedules (or, er, LACK of schedules)! We can tell everyone is so excited to wake up early in the morning, to get back into class each day and get a head start in all that homework! It really is a magical time of the year, isn’t it? Well now that you’re most likely frantically running around trying to prepare for school, we’ve taken the liberty of proving you with a SUPER handy back to school to-do list! YOU’RE WELCOME!

Fix your sleep schedule!

This one is SOOOO important for ensuring that your return to the school schedule isn’t the most draining experience. The days of sleeping from sunrise to sunset during the week are coming to an end, so you’ve gotta fix your sleep schedule! The best way to fix your sleep schedule is by GOING TO BED AT A DECENT TIME! Set yourself a strict bedtime that allows you to get a full 8 hours of sleep and make sure to stick to it! We know how excited you are for classes the next day, but you DO need your sleep!

Go back to school shopping!

Back to school shopping doesn’t only have to be about getting boring blue pens and basic pencils… This is your time to get creative with your supplies! You can personalize EVERYTHING you get so that it shows off a little more of your personality! Doodle all over your agenda, bedazzle the HECK out of your calculator, get supplies that you can be excited about using! Back to school shopping doesn’t have to be super boring when you can make it AWESOME!

Get organized!

Being organized is probably THE most underrated skills EVER! Back to school shopping will help you find some tools to get yourself organized – the one of best tools being a simple agenda! This will help you take notes of EVERYTHING you have to do! It will ALSO help you build yourself a totally awesome personalized schedule to manage your time. Imagine that – having everything you need to do written down, so you don’t have to remember one million things at once! The most important thing is that you find a system that works best for you to help you manage and organize for an awesome school year!

Let’s get cereal!

Now that we’ve convinced you to fix your sleep schedule, you can focus on the most important meal of the day – BREAKFAST! This meal is super important because it gives your body the first big boost of energy you need for a busy day of learning! Why wouldn’t you wanna feel energized for the day?! That just wouldn’t make any sense… Not only will you feel more energized, but picking the RIGHT combination of proteins, fruits, grains, etc. can actually help your brain and improve your ability to concentrate and retain information! Now, go make some breakfast!

Leave time to be chill!

This last one is THE most important and should neeeveeeer be forgotten! NEVER FORGET TO MAKE TIME FOR RELAXING! Yep, it’s that simple! Believe it or not, school isn’t always fun (shocking, right?). So, it’s SO important that you’re always sure to make time for you to do fun things or just relax! And now that you’ve got that BRAND-NEW agenda, you can add it into your gorgeous schedule. You’ve earned it!