what makes him an awesome tutor

As a teacher, I strive to teach students problem-solving skills as well as information. In all my sessions, I emphasize the scientific method and teach students how to navigate the scientific landscape. Specifically, I educate students on how to search for scientific facts, how to evaluate scientific claims (using logic and statistics), and how to place scientific findings in the context of “the big picture”. I emphasize the importance of formulating hypotheses and arguments, and structure my lesson so that students learn to craft their own ideas. Collectively, these skills constitute the “critical thinking approach” that I believe is fundamental to occupational success. Most importantly, I have fun while I work and some of my excitement tends to infect the students I teach. In the end, I believe my greatest achievement is when I get students to enjoy learning.

fun facts

Life goal: Become a professor at a university, hopefully somewhere in the countryside; write a novel; join the political world and make a positive impact. 

Words to Live By: Everything will be okay.

Favourite Mathematical Weapon: Drawing a diagram! We are visual creatures. From my experience, whether a question demands it or not, simply drawing a diagram of the problem you are trying to tackle cuts away half the difficulty. Better have the image on paper than in your head, that way your mind has more space for thinking!

get to know afif

Education: I have an HBSc in human physiology and psychology from the University of Toronto. Currently, I’m completing a PhD in neuroscience from the same institution. But I think an education is defined by more than a couple expensive pieces of paper. I am an avid traveler and reader and I believe my understanding of the world stems largely from these hobbies.

Fave Tech device: My iPad. It is the world in my fingertips. 

Fave Book: Siddhartha by Herman Hesse

Fave Song: Tough choice between “Hotel California – The Eagles” and “Far From Any Road – The Handsome Family”

Fave Outfit: Jeans and a plain dress shirt.

Fave TV Show: Breaking bad; House of Cards; South Park; Cosmos; Friends; and more recently Narcos. 

Fave Movie: The Godfather Part I; Les Diaboliques; In Bruges; The Fall; A Girl Walks Home Alone At Nigh

When you're not crunching numbers:  I’m usually spending quality time with friends, taking walks, reading, and sometimes, I like to dance in the mirror.

What’s the best thing about you? I once read somewhere that you should never make fun of someone’s laugh, otherwise they’ll learn never to laugh in front of you. I realized that the same principle can be extended to nearly every social interaction. Because of that, I don’t like talking about other people when they’re not present, or criticizing their decisions in life, or even judging their perspective on certain topics. I am very progressive and very accepting. I find that most people find comfort in knowing that. 

nerd alert! 

I legitimately come home after school some days and spend hours explaining things i learned and i go on tangents whilst doing so!