what makes him an awesome tutor

I love science in all its forms but most love getting to work hands on with concepts. Whether it is building solar panels, exploring the backcountry or blowing things up in the chem lab, I love taking concepts off the page and exploring what amazing things people are doing with science, math and technology. That being said, I know how important but difficult it can sometimes be to stay focused and motivated when your having trouble in class. There are a million reasons why we feel like we can’t be successful in math and science, but a million more strategies we can learn to maximize our success and have fun with any subject. I want to find out what you are interested in and help add math and science to that list.

fun facts

Life Goals: 

1.     Become a teacher and build an Outdoor Leadership Program

2.     Build, break and reconstruct things with my future class

3.    Release a CD one day

4.    Paddle a major river in every province (currently at 3!)

5.    Be as cool as my grandpa

Words to Live By: “Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.” ― Albert Einstein

(”That’s why we need both.”) - Me

Favourite Mathematical Weapon: Protractor. It helps you see problems from every angle

get to know OWAIN

Education: I have a Double Major in Biology and Environment, Sustainability and Society from Dalhousie University and I am currently finishing my Bachelor of Education at Nipissing University. Beyond my interest in academics, I have learned a lot through my work as an Outdoor Educator and have several First Aid, Canoe and Whitewater Safety course certifications. I love learning but try to get outside and learn from the natural world as much as possible.  After teacher’s college, I hope to get additional qualifications in Special Education and Design and Technology and keep finding more ways to keep myself busy.

Fave Tech device: Voyageur 2 Spacecraft

Fave Book: 

Broken Earth Series: N.K. Jemison

Redwall Series: Brian Jacques

Fave Song: Anything by Red Hot Chili Peppers, T-Swift or Nathaniel Ratliffe and the Nightsweats

Fave Outfit: Year-round Christmas Sweaters

Fave TV Show: Brooklyn 99, Community, The Get Down

Fave Movie: Anything with Leonardo DiCaprio in it

When you're not crunching numbers: I work as a whitewater canoe guide in the summers and spend my weekends playing music with my friends and cooking with my family and friends. Currently my big projects include: learning Latin again and catching up with old friends and keeping my houseplant alive.

What's the best thing about you? I hate being bored so I am always on the move. I try to live life through stories so I love telling mine and hearing what interesting things other people are up to. But don’t try to distract me too much, were still going to need to learn long division!

nerd alert! 

I have an encyclopedic knowledge of the Harry Potter Universe and have read the series cover to cover 4 times. I also never grew out of my 8 year old phase of knowing that I will eventually become astronaut.