Our Programs

There are so so so many ways to start learning and loving math and science. We can't wait to help you find your mathematical sweet spot and get you started. Get excited - your life is about to change forever!

private tutoring (most popular!)

One on one tutoring is the most effective and intensive way to get up to speed, build confidence, and start seeing results! Most students book consistent weekly sessions for the entire year with a tutor they love. Others simply book when they need help. Whenever you need us, we're here for you! 

Rate: $75/hour

group sessions & study parties

We're happy to tutor groups of friends! We can tutor 2+ people and even throw a study party for you and your friends if you're in the same class. If you've got an idea, or want to set up a group session for you and your friends - talk to us and we'll come up with something awesome!

Rate: Rate varies, contact us for a quote!

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course credits

If you're looking to take a math or science credit outside of school, you've come to the right place. While we do not administer course credits ourselves, we are able to help you obtain a course credit through a variety of ways. You will do all of your learning with us, and even write your tests here!

Rate: Rate varies, contact us for a quote!


There is so much more to mastering math and science than just curriculum content. That's why we're always hosting workshops covering topics like study skills, exam strategies, and overcoming math anxiety. If you've got something you'd like us to cover - let us know! Otherwise click below for a list of upcoming workshops you can sign up for!


We know how it is - all that sunshine, heat & humidity tends to melt away hard-earned math knowledge. How awesome would it feel to enter your new math class feeling totally prepared and confident?! Our bootcamps will cover the key concepts learned over the previous year, ensuring that the necessary pre-reqs are in place.


Freaking out about an exam? In a small group setting, we'll work through ALL of the key concepts learned throughout the year, make you tea, feed you cake, answer all your questions, remind you of concepts you've forgotten and turn your exam stress into exam excitement! There's even a chance you'll leave with a loot bag (a 100% chance!).