what makes him an awesome tutor

I love explaining things and I am generally good at it. I am also genuinely curious about everything, love learning and asking questions. With all that being said, math is my tool in trying to understanding all things. When I was in high school I really struggled with mathematics, It wasn’t until I got into statistics that I really began loving it, from there I deemed it necessary to spread my knowledge because who knows, you might be the next John Nash and I would get a kick out of knowing that I tutored you at one point!!

fun facts

Life Goal: To revolutionize the energy markets.

Words to Live By: “Mathematics as an expression of the human mind reflects the active will, the contemplative reason, and the desire for aesthetic perfection. Its basic elements are logic and intuition, analysis and construction, generality and individuality” – Richard Courant

Favourite Mathematical Weapon: A white board and a marker, I can have a lot of fun teaching people things with drawings.

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Education: Currently working on a bachelor’s degree in Financial Mathematics at Ryerson University.

Fave Tech device: My Iphone!

Fave Book: The Little Prince, I’ll always have a soft spot for that book.

Fave Song: I have a favourite everyday but I’m currently listening to ODESZA – Sun Models

Fave Outfit: Gap Live in Skinnies, Toms and a White T Shirt #Swag

Fave Movie: Charlie and the chocolate factory, one of the very few movies that get close to describing the book, never as good as the written text though.

Fave TV Show: Big Bang Theory!

When you're not crunching numbers: When you’re not crunching numbers:  I do a lot of things, everything from playing video games to taking bachata lessons. I also love to cook and explore new things.  I run, go to the gym, try to find new neighbourhoods to explore in Toronto, travel to other countries and explore them, hang out with friends, do Research in finding new mathematical models for financial markets. My absolute favourite thing to do is to spend time with family and just talk.

What’s the best thing about you? I'm the most patient guy. Ever. 

nerd alert!

I love video games and financial markets, I can go on for hours and hours about them. Ask at your own risk.