what makes her an awesome tutor

1. I have a very positive and energetic personality which allows me to get along with everyone. 

2. When learning, I like to look for patterns or make rhymes to help me remember concepts; I like to share these tricks when teaching too. 

3. I LOVE math, it is a passion that started when I was young and it keeps growing.  


fun facts

Life Goal: Solve an unsolved math problem which would lead to a form a new formula, proposition or theory that I can name after myself. But it would be easy to understand, easier than to spell the name of it, which would be "the Andjelkovic Theorem" (my last name).

Words to Live By: "If one cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in the way one can learn."

Favourite Mathematical Weapon: Scrap paper! I definitely use it more than a calculator. It an be quick for simple calculations, and having steps written down (instead of erased by a calculator) can help you find mistakes quicker. Lately, I've started using a whiteboard instead; saves trees. 

get to know najdana

Education: Ryerson University - Financial Mathematics (Economics minor)

Fave Tech Advice: Ipad, I have all my textbooks as pdf's so I can study any subject on the go when commuting around the city. So much lighter than even one textbook!

Fave Book: The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene

Fave Song: Genesis by Grimes

Fave TV Show: 2 Broke Girls

Fave Movie: The 5th Element

Fave Outfit: In the summer, I love wearing dresses: short or long, colourful or patterned, any kind! In the winter, big cozy knit sweaters.

When your not crunching numbers: I play beach volleyball (at the beaches or an indoor venue Beach Blast in the winter), court volleyball too, snowboard, go out dancing, DJ with friends. 

What's The best thing about you? I will make you smile! :)

nerd alert! 

I once had 106% in a math course... That doesn't sound right, so let me explain. My teacher put a question on the test which was beyond the course material; many students spoke up about it, so he decided to remove the question from the test, but for those who answered it correct, bonus marks, therefore bringing my grade above 100% :D. The thing you should learn from my story is: understand that everyone makes mistakes, even teachers, and also not to be afraid to question EVERYTHING! Curiosity leads to innovation!