what makes him an awesome tutor

Having once struggled as a student myself, I totally empathize with the challenges of learning math and science. If what you’re learning seems dull and irrelevant to your future, why even bother learning it, right?! But the reality is, these subjects are extremely important to everything around us. And they’re super fun! However, the fundamentals can sometimes be presented in a way that makes them seem a bit unexceptional and removed from real-life application. I was fortunate enough to have teachers in my life who showed how fun and applicable these subjects are, ultimately cultivating my interest and success in them. I try my best to present information in a fun, informative, and applicable manner. Learning is one of the greatest joys in life – it should never be a chore!

fun facts

Life goal: To become a physician, a teacher, and a philanthropist. And of course, an NBA player in my spare time.

Words to Live By: Carl Sagan’s “pale blue dot.” If you haven’t heard of it, google it!

Favourite Mathematical Weapon: They say a picture is worth a thousand words – and I definitely agree. The ability of a diagram/visual image to convey information is amazing. It’s definitely one of the best teaching/learning tools.

get to know Ikram

Education: I have a HBSc in physiology, neuroscience, and psychology from the University of Toronto. I am currently working as a research associate at Toronto Western Hospital, within the department of Neurophysiology/Neurosurgery. My work involves collaborating with the surgical team in order to complete a procedure known as Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), and conducting research in order to optimize the therapeutic benefit of this procedure. Working at the hospital has furthered my interest in medicine, and I hope to attend medical school one day!


Fave Tech device: I love using my Microsoft Surface and its stylus capabilities. It’s very helpful when you can print hand-written notes into PDF. It allows me to distribute any lesson notes to students via e-mail. Having easily accessible and organized digitized notes was one of the greatest contributors to my success in university, and this gives me a platform through which I can facilitate that with my students.

Fave Book: The Harry Potter series!

Fave Song: Hurt Me Soul by Lupe Fiasco

Fave Outfit: My Russel Westbrook jersey of course! Go OKC Thunder!

Fave TV Show: Breaking bad, Game of Thrones, and recently Narcos and Mr. Robot

Fave Movie: Gattaca, Bourne Identity/Supremacy, and Batman Begins

When you're not crunching numbers: I love basketball, meaningful conversations, hikes/bikes in nature, reading, and spending time with my 4 year old nephew!

What’s the best thing about you? I love being a goof and brightening everyone’s day with a smile.

nerd alert! 

Loving math/science is definitely not an esoteric thing. Once they’re presented to you in an accessible manner, it’s hard not to be amazed and enthralled by them. I genuinely love conversations about science, and it’s not because I am a nerd. It’s because it’s actually INTERESTING and I had great teachers/professors cultivate my interest in it in an accessible manner.