Celebrities with Smarts

Nowadays, we are constantly bombarded by celebrities posing, pouting, and doing what looks like a whole lot of chilling. While we’re all for taking it easy and having fun, sometimes seeing these people on our feeds day after day flashing their lifestyles, can make it seem like there isn’t anything more to life than selfies or Kanye’s tweet rampages. It’s refreshing to find people who live their lives in the public eye, but who are great role models when it comes to education and empowerment. Find yourself inspired to improve your work ethic with these 7 celebs who embody what it means to have beauty and brains! 20121002-mindy-624x-1349191624

Mindy Kalling

You know how we feel about Mindy. Not only has this girl made it big in Hollywood, but her off-screen smarts have earned her some serious street cred. Mindy attended Dartmouth College and earned a playwriting award in 1999. She also had a regular feature in the university’s newspaper- a comic strip called Badly Drawn Girl that mocked the typical aspects of college life. Beauty, brains and wit, what more could you ask for?


Emma Watson

IRL Emma Watson is just as booksmart as her legendary on screen character Hermione in the Harry Potter movie franchise. She graduated from Brown University (an Ivy League school) with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. Now, she’s a part-time actress, full-time girlboss who actively promotes education for girls. She was appointed as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, and has delivered several moving speeches on feminism and educational rights.


John Legend

This musical heartthrob has more than just a pretty voice. Before becoming a professional musician, he studied at the University of Pennsylvania and earned a degree in English and African American literature. After graduating, John went to work for the Boston Consulting Group, one of the largest and most elite consulting firms in the world.


Vampire Weekend

Math, Science and Rock’n’Roll?! That’s essentially the ethos of The Math Guru.  The band members all met each other while enrolled at Columbia University, an Ivy League school in New York. The band members majors varied across subjects but included English Literature and Economics, as well as a minor in Math!

lisa-kudrow-interview-620Lisa Kudrow

Who knew this great “friend” was also a huge science geek! Lisa Kudrow is not at all the somewhat spacey character of Phoebe she is best known for playing on the hit TV show Friends. Kudrow graduated from Vassar College with a degree in Biology. She worked for her father, a renowned physician who specializes in studying headaches, before breaking into acting.

Allison Williams

Before she was Marnie on Girls, Williams attended Yale University where she studied English and Archeology. We’d like to think she’d have had sort of Female Kick-Ass Indiana Jones career if she hadn’t gotten into acting. When she didn’t get a part in the annual Yale musical as a freshmen, Williams didn’t let the failure bring her down. Instead, she joined the improv group and found out her true knack was for comedy.

krasinski__140506004512John Krasinski

Everyone’s favourite guy from The Office was once a dedicated student. He attended Brown University, where he was enrolled in theatre arts. His academic interests extended beyond the arts however, and he took classes that included Biology and Management. What’s more? Krasinski took a year off before starting college, and instead volunteered to teach in English in Costa Rica.